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Natural Resources Strategy 2010 - DNR Liaison

An integral part of Phase 2 will be Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Liaison positions that will work with each of the four Panels of Expertise. One staff member from each of the four strategy focus areas will be appointed by the Deputy Minister of DNR to each Panel of Expertise as Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources Liaison.

Reporting to the Deputy Minister of Natural Resources, the Liaisons are an active part of the Phase 2 Panels of Expertise teams and the overall Natural Resources Strategy.

The Liaisons are appointed as DNR’s principal subject-matter experts for the Strategy’s four focus areas (parks, biodiversity, forests and minerals) and are backed by the full expertise of their primary representative branches. Each Liaison will endeavor to keep the Natural Resources Strategy Phase 1 values and the guiding principles at the centre of all activities.

The role of the Liaisons is to support the Panels of Expertise by:

  • at the request of the Panels of Expertise, providing impartial subject-matter and broad DNR-related expertise and resources during Phase 2 meetings, consultations and presentations;
  • maintaining discretion and confidentiality regarding their work with the Panels of Expertise to ensure the integrity of the Phase 2 process;
  • appreciating the diversity of values and perspectives that emerge around the four strategy areas, and imparting these values and perspectives to Panel of Expertise activities;
  • assisting in the interpretation of complex technical content, speaking to factual misconceptions, and ensuring accuracy;
  • stimulating cross-pollination of ideas.

In addition to supporting the Panels of Expertise, Liaisons support the Natural Resources Strategy 2010 process by:

  • modeling and encouraging alignment with Strategy principles, values, and terms of reference;
  • shepherding the Panel of Expertise information and process legacies beyond Phase 2;
  • promoting continuity and integrity of Phase 2 information into Phase 3;
  • working within DNR in such a way that Phase 3 maintains alignment with the results of Phases 1 and 2 and as the Natural Resources Strategy is implemented;
  • building strong, collaborative relationships through positive stakeholder engagement, coordination and integration across the four strategy areas and Panels;
  • serving as conduits that connect the Department of Natural Resources, Panels of Expertise, and the Strategy Steering Panel, and encouraging multi-way communication and collaboration;
  • during the Panel of Expertise deliberations, increasing awareness, understanding and appreciation of issues, concerns and discussion inside DNR Branches, within the parameters of Liaison confidentiality;
  • broadening DNR’s ability to accommodate external technical perspectives by assisting DNR in recognizing that the Department is one contributor among many whose input and expertise will help shape the success of the new Strategy 2010;
  • ensuring familiarity with sources of Strategy content and inputs so the resulting Phase 3 reflects the Natural Resources Strategy guiding principles.

DNR Liaison qualifications include:

  • Demonstrated ability to speak with high-level of expertise in the corresponding DNR Strategy 2010 focus area
  • Scientific and/or technical content specialist
  • Capacity to present broad, global persectives and trends in strategy focus area
  • Demonstrated understanding and behaviour in alignment with Guiding Principles and direction of DNR Strategy 2010
  • Capacity to act as an ambassador and cultivate the Guiding Principles of Strategy 2010 in their respective DNR branch area
  • Demonstrated peer/community recognition of their high ethical standards and integrity in inter-personal interactions.