The Resources Corporate Services Unit

The Resources Corporate Services Unit (RCSU) was created in March 1996. It provides financial and information technology related services to the department, as well as to the Departments of Agriculture, Fisheries and Aquaculture, Environment, Labour and Workforce Development and Energy, and the Emergency Management office.

Various services are also provided to the Department of Finance, the Public Service Commission, and a number of other offices and agencies including Communications Nova Scotia, Executive Council, Premier's office, Treasury Board, Aboriginal Affairs, Intergovernmental Affairs, and Office of the Auditor General.

Financial Services Division is responsible for:
  • Developing and maintaining expenditure and revenue information for the integrated planning and budgeting process.
  • Providing a financial reporting system for management to assist in expenditure control.
  • Processing invoices, contract payments and travel claims as well as requisitions to tender the purchase of goods and services.
  • Preparing invoices, recording and depositing revenues and managing the collection of outstanding accounts.
  • Providing for hunting license sales to the public through a network of private vendors and department offices.
  • Maintaining a registry of qualified hunters.
  • Processing payments under cost-shared agreements and preparing claims to recover federal contributions.
Information Technology Division is responsible for:
  • Developing and communicating government and CSU IT standards and policies.
  • Providing effective IT solutions to business problems within the CSU departments.
  • Supporting IT solutions which have been developed for, or provided to, clients within the CSU departments.
  • Representing the CSU departments’ IT interests before other groups, government departments and agencies.
  • Managing information technology, financial, physical and human resources in the IT Division.