Policy, Planning and Support Services Branch

The Policy, Planning and Support Services Branch provides planning and policy coordination support to the Deputy Minister and the department by ensuring that policies and plans developed within and across the department are coordinated, support the integrated management of our natural resources and are compatible with and support the strategic direction of government.

The Policy, Planning and Support Services Branch also provides a range of administrative, planning, research, information management, information distribution, graphics, cartographic and communication related services. The responsibilities of the Branch are carried out by two sections:

Executive Director - Patricia MacNeil (902) 424-4988  macneipb@gov.ns.ca

The Strategic Policy and Planning Section is responsible for:
  • Coordinating business planning and accountability processes.
  • Coordinating the on-going strategic planning process of the department.
  • Developing and coordinating policy and planning processes and procedures.
  • Serving as the focal point for planning and evaluation and developing plans related to the management of the department.
  • Coordinating responses/representing the department on inter-departmental and inter-governmental requests/issues that are cross-sectoral or multi-sectoral in nature.
  • Coordinating the preparation of background briefing documents/dossiers for the department including a consolidated database on benefits/impacts of natural resources.
The Information Management and Support Services Section is responsible for:
  • Design and production of aerial photographic mosaics, resource mapping, fire control mapping, mineral registry mapping and other thematic mapping.
  • Design and development of Geographic Information System (GIS) projects.
  • Computer Aided Drafting and Design (CADD) server operations, support and maintenance (Halifax Office).
  • Design and production of public information displays including Nova Scotia Parks interpretive sites.
  • Generation of technical illustrations, graphics and audio visual presentations in support of departmental initiatives.
  • Storing, protecting, retrieving and disposing of the department's records.
  • Purchasing/acquiring, organizing, storing, and disseminating library information, including aerial photographs and map products.
  • Administering the asset inventory control system for furniture, equipment and computer hardware, and providing centralized support in the procurement of telecommunication services, office and facility space requirements, and insurance/risk management.
  • Developing communications plans and strategies and coordinating the department's public education and advertising programs.
  • Producing and distributing support materials, including periodicals, publications, audio/visual materials and displays for the department's information and education programs.
  • Maintaining an audio/visual library for department use.
  • Advising on communications processes, techniques and media.