Information Access & Privacy (FOIPOP)

In keeping with the spirit of openess and accountablity, the Department of Lands and Forestry is committed to providing ease of access to anyone requesting information of the Department. There are various ways to access information in the custody and control of the Department.


Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy (FOIPOP)

The Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act provides a formal process to obtain access to records under the control of the provincial government, while protecting the privacy of individuals who do not want their personal information made public. The Act strives for balance between an individual’s right to know and an individual’s right to privacy.

        Application Form for Access to a Record

For enquiries about the FOIPOP Act in relation to this department, contact the FOIPOP Administrator at 424-3786, or 424-8472, or at (Do not send FOIPOP applications to this email address).

Additional information regarding the FOIPOP Act and related processes can be found on the Internal Services website

Routine Access Policy

The Routine Access Policy is designed to provide persons with an opportunity to obtain certain categories of records without requiring a formal application under the FOIPOP Act. Those records which are eligible are described in Schedule B of the policy.

Active Dissemination

The Department periodically and proactively releases information or records via the Internet, Library, training sessions, etc. A collection of books, periodicals, government documents, reports, maps and air photographs is accessible in the Library.


Protection of Privacy is administered under Nova Scotia's Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy (FOIPOP) Act and the Personal Information International Disclosure (PIIDPA) Act.

The Department recently approved a Privacy Policy to actively address the privacy concerns of individuals such as the collection of, use of and access to personal information.

Application Form for Requests for Correction of Personal Information

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