Land Titles Clarification Act – How do I Get Clear Title to My Land*

Note: some of the procedures and documents also apply to claims of adverse possession.

In 1963, a legislative process was created to clear up land title and land ownership issues for residents who live in thirteen specific communities within Nova Scotia (click the link below to see a map of provincial areas). The process allows residents in these 13 Land Title Clarification Areas to give information to the government about how they (or those from whom they have inherited or bought the land) have used and occupied the land.

If the information is strong enough and shows continuous use and ownership of the land, the Minister of Natural Resources will give the claimant a certificate of claim to the lands. If a certificate of claim is issued, a notice period begins during which objections may be raised by family members or others who claim to own the same land. For a full explanation of the claim process, see the summary of procedures below.

If you want to make a claim under the Land Titles Clarifications Act, you must complete the application form below. The application form will get the process started, but to complete the whole process you will need the help of a lawyer, and possibly a surveyor. To help you understand the information you will need to build your case, click on the link “Tips for building your case” below.

Under the Land Titles Initiative, supports are in place to assist with legal and other fees, and costs associated with clarifying ownership of land through the Land Titles Clarifications Act, through estate administration (Probate Act and Intestate Succession Act), and migration under the Land Registration Act.

The support includes funds to assist with legal fees and costs related to estate administration and migration, and new full-time positions dedicated to the land title clarification areas of North Preston, East Preston, and Cherry Brook in Halifax Regional Municipality and Lincolnville and Sunnyville in Guysborough County. For more information, go to Land Titles Initiative .

For more information contact:

Department of Natural Resources
Manager, Acquisitions and Disposals
Land Services Branch, Department of Natural Resources
PO Box 698
Halifax, NS B3J 2T9


Maps of LTCA Areas