Land Titles Clarification

Tips to help build your case

To prove you own land in a land titles clarification area you need to show continuous use and occupation over a period of 20 years. Remember: The 20 years can be made up of use by you and previous owners or occupiers of the land.

Below are some ways you can provide proof of the use and occupation of the land.

  • If you have paid municipal taxes on the claimed land, include a copy of your tax certificate. You can get a copy from the municipality. Go back as far as you can to show when you first started paying taxes.
  • If you have any permits or other permissions (like a building permit or a permit for the installation of a septic system) which been issued by the municipality, include copies of the permits. Copies can be obtained from the municipal office. Give us information from as far back in time as possible (to show the 20 years of use of the land).
  • If work has been done on the property over the past 20 or more years include copies of the invoices (e.g. repairs to structure, cleaning of septic field, paving the driveway, etc.)
  • If you have photos showing your use of the land such as family gatherings or work being done outside, include copies of the pictures. Try to provide pictures from different periods of time that you have lived on and used the land. Make sure you include the date the photo was taken, or the general time frame / year of the photo.
  • If you have posted ‘no trespassing’ or ‘private property’ signs on your land tell us about it.
  • Have you and your family used the land for cutting firewood? Did others in the community cut firewood on the land with your permission? Tell us about it.
  • Are there any fences, hedges, or rock walls that would help define the boundary of the lands you are claiming? Include descriptions and photos if possible.
  • Have there been any disputes with your neighbours over the boundaries of the property? Give us the details.
  • Are there others in your family (like your brothers or sisters) who might have a claim to the property? Give us that information.
  • If you believe your claim is stronger than other claims on the land, give is the reasons why you believe so - did someone promise the land to you for work you did for them? Did you take care of your parents and did they say they would give you the land for your help?
  • Think of ‘did you ever’ questions, such as: Did you ever live on the property? Did you ever pasture animals? Did you ever have gardens? Did you ever cut firewood on the property? Did you ever give permission to someone else to cut firewood/pasture animals/etc. on the land? If any of these apply be sure to include the details in your application.

Note: This is not a complete list of the kinds of details that will help you prove your claim but we hope it will get you started.