Conditions for Awarding Habitat Conservation Fund Grants


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Please familiarize yourself with the following conditions for awarding Habitat Conservation Fund grants. If you have any questions regarding these please contact us.

  1. Payments are made in the form of a grant subsequent to the signing of a legal agreement according to the following schedule:
    a. 50% advance
    b. 40% interim advance - upon presentation of invoices to cover at least 80% of the first advance.
    c. 10% final payment - upon presentation of invoices, cancelled cheques to cover the whole project and of final report.

  2. It is the proponent's responsibility to account for all project and associated administration costs in budget preparation, including GST and other taxes.

  3. The Project shall be completed and a final report submitted within 18 months of the date of the signed contribution agreement. The FUND reserves the right to conduct an audit of the financial records of the applicant.

  4. Progress reports must be submitted on a regular basis (as defined in the grant agreement), or as requested by the FUND.

  5. The proponent must give the FUND appropriate credit and acknowledge the FUND's financial contribution in any product or any publicity (including articles written about the project by others) relating to the project. This will include use of the FUND's logo where appropriate. A copy must be forwarded to the FUND.

  6. Two copies of a final report (one paper and one electronic) must be produced and submitted to the FUND before final payment is received. This report will be posted on the FUND website and should include:
    (1) project goal and objectives;
    (2) an outline of the work completed;
    (3) results;
    (4) an assessment of achievements and lessons learned, measured against the project goals and objectives; and;
    (5) recommendations for follow-up steps to the project.

  7. Funds awarded will not be distributed until any outstanding reports from previous grant cycles have been submitted.