Habitat Conservation Fund - 2001 Approved Projects


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Bird Studies Canada
Making Nova Scotia's Lakes Loon Friendly

Amount Awarded: $5,880.00
To educate lake users how their actions affect loon breeding and foraging habitat, through existing programs (BSC's Canadian Lakes Loon Survey and Loon Friend Lakes campaign, and EHJV's Loon Stewards), and through a new Loon Ambassadors Program in Nova Scotia.
Progress Report

Bluenose Atlantic Coastal Action Program
Coastal Island Conservation Program

Amount Awarded: $10,000.00
To conserve the majority of over 850 hectares of island habitat in Mahone Bay within 5 years by establishing a process of island prioritization and long term management of activities on those islands with the support of island owners and recreational users.
Final Report

Halifax Wildlife Association
Nova Scotia Waterfowl Hunter Education Program

Amount Awarded: $10,000.00
To develop a Nova Scotia Waterfowl Hunter Education Program that will provide youth and adult with knowledge of ecology and environmental issues related to the conservation and stewardship of wetland habitats and wildlife.
Project Cancelled

Nova Scotia Nature Trust
A Forest Legacy

Amount Awarded: $27,000.00
To conserve wildlife habitat through the formal protection and stewardship of old growth forests on private lands, based on a successful landowner education and stewardship program.
Progress Report

Randolph F. Lauff
Boreal and Northern Saw-whet Owls in Enhanced Habitats

Amount Awarded: $4,762.50
To determine the habitat requirements of the Boreal Owl and compare this new knowledge with what is presently known about the Northern Saw-whet Owl by enhancing habitats with nest boxes to entice breeding of both species.
Final Report

Ruffed Grouse Society of Canada
Upland Game Habitat Enhancement

Amount Awarded: $21,800.00
To create a stable low growing native shrub community which will benefit wildlife by providing food and cover while controlling tall growing trees.
Final Report

Shelburne County Fish & Game Association -
Eider Nesting Boxes - Shelburne County Nova Scotia

Amount Awarded: $5,000.00
To improve nesting success of eider ducks by providing cover and protection from attack of Great Black Back Gulls in areas of low vegetation.
Final Report

St. Francis Xavier University - Interdisciplinary Studies of Aquatic Resources, Pictou Landing First Nation & Nova Scotia First Nation's Forestry Association
Woodlot Enhancement, Conservation and Education in Pictou Landing

Amount Awarded: $15,000.00
To combine activities that will enhance habitat for wildlife and maintain the biodiversity of native species with research and education initiatives to increase awareness and understanding of resource sustainability and habitat conservation issues among youth, students, educators, the public and industry in Nova Scotia.
Final Report

The Nature Conservancy of Canada
The Gaff Point Campaign
Amount Awarded: $15,000.00
To acquire land to create a conservation site to protect Gaff Point for ecological biodiversity.
Final Report