Habitat Conservation Fund 2003 Approved Projects


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Bird Studies Canada
Making Nova Scotia's Lakes Loon Friendly
(Year 3)
Amount Awarded: $4,778.00
To educate lake users how their actions affect loon breeding and foraging habitat, through existing programs (BSC's Canadian Lakes Loon Survey and Loon Friend Lakes campaign, and EHJV's Loon Stewards), and through a new Loon Ambassadors Program in Nova Scotia.
Final Report

University of New Brunswick - Joseph Nocera
Benefits and risks of agro-ecosystem management to grassland birds in Nova Scotia (Year 2)

Amount Awarded: $13,800.00
Evaluate the wildlife habitat value of managed agro-ecosystems in Atlantic Canada to influence the delivery of successful habitat stewardship initiatives. Accomplished through modeling the habitat composition, context, and level of connectivity that most benefits breeding grassland birds in small - medium scale managed and non-managed agricultural landscapes.
Progress Report

Ecology Action Centre
Coastlines Natural History Column (Year 2)

Amount Awarded: $4,675.00
To enhance knowledge and appreciation of the coastal ecology of Nova Scotia by creating and distributing a natural history column, Coastlines, to weekly newspapers around the province.
Progress Report

St. Mary's University - Hugh Broders
Ecology of Bats in Nova Scotia
Amount Awarded: $17,000.00

To determine the distribution range of the eastern pipistrelle, northern long-eared and little brown bats in mainland Nova Scotia through trapping and echolocation surveys throughout the province. Additionally, to perform more intensive work in central Nova Scotia to examine the foraging and roosting ecology of eastern pipistrelles and northern long-eared bats, two forest-dwelling species that are expected to require specific types of roost trees in close proximity to suitable foraging areas.
Progress Report

Ducks Unlimited Canada
Small Marsh Restoration

Amount Awarded: $15,000.00
To restore, enhance or create wetlands in the agricultural/urban landscape where many have been destroyed or altered by human activity since European settlement.
Final Report

Blomidon Naturalists Society
The Nova Scotia Herpetofaunal Atlas Project

Amount Awarded: $15,000.00
To identify prime habitat for reptiles and amphibians by mapping their distribution and abundance.
Final Report

Acadia University - Kimberly Dawe
Conserving our only endemic mammal: habitat associations and genetic diversity of the maritime shrew, Sorex maritimensis

Amount Awarded: $12,000.00
The objective of this study is to determine the genetic diversity of S. maritimensis and its habitat associations within a landscape mosaic in order to facilitate conservation planning.
Final Report

Ecology Action Centre
Salt Marsh & Tidal River Restoration Project

Amount Awarded: $20,000.00
The project is designed to restore a more natural tidal regime to a tidally restricted river and wetland system. Restoration activities will allow Cheverie Creek to return to a functioning salt marsh and tidal river system with sufficient wildlife habitat, fisheries, shellfish, nutrient production and export and biodiversity to continue its maturation by natural processes and to evolve over the long term in response to changing environmental conditions.
Final Report