Habitat Conservation Fund 2011 Approved Projects

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Akins Marsh habitat restoration/enhancement with youth involvement
Hants West Wildlife Association
Awarded: $3,150.00

The goal is to have youth involved in rejuvenating an area of diverse woodland/marsh area to provide optimal habitat for birds and mammals while providing an area of marsh/woodland that is accessible to the public for enjoyment of the local flora and fauna. The youth will be directly involved in all aspects of the project in order for them to have positive outdoor experiences that, hopefully, will encourage them to continue to have an interest in the outdoors.

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Bon Portage Island Conservation Project
Nova Scotia Nature Trust
Awarded: $ 14,000.00

In partnership with Acadia University, the Nature Trust will protect, forever, Bon Portage Island, one of Nova Scotia’s most ecologically important coastal islands.

Final Report

Connecting South Shore Youth to Coastal Birds & Habitats
Bird Studies Canada
Awarded: $ 5,185.00

Connecting South Shore Youth to Coastal Birds and Habitats will engage elementary, junior high, and high school youth in coastal bird education, science and conservation within schools and at coastal habitats in Lunenburg Queens, and Shelburne Cos. Visual presentations and hands-on activities will teach key concepts about biodiversity, Important Bird Areas, species at risk, and bird monitoring. Monitoring and conservation activities will benefit coastal wildlife and habitats on the South Shore.

Final Report

Conservation of Leach’s storm-petrels
Acadia University
Awarded: $ 10,000.00

The goal is to identify key locations used by Leach’s storm-petrel for foraging, both during the breeding season, and during winter migration.

Final Report

Conservation planning to protect at-risk Species and Habitats in Nova Scotia
Nature Conservancy Canada
Awarded: $ 4,000.00

The completed project will provide critical support to the NCC land securement activities in NS. Properties with the highest ecosystem conservation value in three areas will be identified using a GIS based analysis.

Final Report

Environmental Day Camp and Workshop Expansion
Hope for Wildlife Society
Awarded: $4,000.00

The goal of the project is change the everyday habits of Nova Scotians and to help them create and participate in projects that help wildlife and habitats in Nova Scotia. Participants will learn how animals are connected to their environments, and how humans can have a positive effect on wildlife and their habitats buy changing their habits to reduce their impact on the environment. They will also learn and participate in activities that help protect, conserve, and restore habitats in Nova Scotia

Final Report

Habitat use by migrant passerines
Acadia University
Awarded: $ 12,500.00

We will develop an index of habitat use by migratory birds using radar and acoustic sampling. We will then determine the relative importance of stopover habitat for migrant passerine birds in the Annapolis Valley, to the North and South Mountains.

 Final Report

In-depth analysis of harvested furbearer data: population projections using current data and considerations for future data collection
Acadia University
Awarded: $10,000.00

The goal is to improve our knowledge of harvested species in Nova Scotia.

Final Report

Maritimes Breeding Bird Atlas Year 6 - Increasing Awareness of NS Bird Conservation Priorities
Bird Studies Canada
Awarded: $10,500.00

Our project will transform detailed Breeding Bird Atlas data, collected by 450 volunteers over 5 years in NS, into information directly useable by agencies, consultants, industry, educators and citizens to in conserving bird habitat. Easily-understood, accessible and visually-rich communication products, available through a bilingual website and a hard-copy Atlas (later in 2012), will provide comprehensive information on breeding bird distribution and abundance and identify priority habitats for important bird species, enabling Nova Scotians to target key locations in bird stewardship initiatives.

Final Report

NS Swiftwatch: Engaging Nova Scotians in Chimney Swift Recovery
Bird Studies Canada
Awarded: $ 7,150.00

A key action required to help the NS Chimney Swift population recover is to protect current, and potential, nest and roost sites. Bird Studies Canada (BSC) will work in partnership with government agencies, other NGOs, as well as birding and naturalist groups, to develop and implement a province-wide, volunteer-based program to identify, monitor and protect Chimney Swift nest and roost sites in NS.

Final Report

Project Webfoot Wetland Education Program 2011/2012
Ducks Unlimited Canada
Awarded: $ 18.650.00

“Project Webfoot” focuses on enhancing the attitudes and behavior of our youth towards conserving wetlands and raising the value of a healthy environment. By fostering understanding of the importance of these natural areas, DUC encourages youth to take positive actions now and throughout their lives. The project involves delivery of curriculum linked education resources to grade 4 classes, and offering local wetland field trips.

Final Report

The movement dynamics of little brown (Myotis lucigugus) and northern long-eared (M. Septentrionalis) bats during the fall swarming season in Nova Scotia - Year 2
St. Mary’s University

Awarded: $ 8,000.00

The ultimate goal of this project is to gain insight into the behaviour of swarming bats in Nova Scotia and to characterize the movement dynamics, and resources used during the fall by bats in Atlantic Canada. We want to know where our bats go so we have an understanding of the importance of the various sites used, and better understand how disease transmission can occur within wild bat populations.

Final Report

Total Projects Approved: 12
Total Amount Approved: $ 107,135.00