Habitat Conservation Fund 2012 Approved Projects

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Agricultural Stewardship in Nova Scotia: A program evaluation and study of biodiversity values
SRES - Dalhousie
Awarded: $5,350.00

This study will determine the efficacy of the Agricultural Biodiversity Conservation plan program and investigate how farmers value biodiversity.

Final Report

Conservation of Leach’s storm-petrels
Acadia University
Awarded: $15,692.00

The goals of this project are to quantify effects of predators and food quality to breeding success of Leach’s storm-petrels. These data will provide valuable information for conservation of this and other seabird species in the Maritimes and the rest of the world.

Final Report

Delivering Final Breeding Bird Atlas Results to Nova Scotians - Maritimes Breeding Bird Atlas
Bird Studies Canada
Awarded: $13,600.00

Our goal is to complete the final Maritimes Breeding Bird Atlas products for Nova Scotia: 1) the comprehensive Atlas book in English and French editions, and, 2) a re-configured Atlas web-site with tools for downloading Atlas maps, data, results, and reports. We will communicate and promote the availability and use of these final Atlas products in order to educate Nova Scotians about the importance of preserving bird biodiversity and bird habitats, and to inform and direct habitat conservation for birds and other wildlife throughout the province.

Final Report

Educate on the sustainable natural renewable products from NS fur bearing animals.
Trappers Association of Nova Scotia
Awarded: $5,200.00

Educate the general public on the types of natural renewal products that can be obtained from NS fur bearers and their value.

Final Report

Factors determining duck brood success in constructed wetlands, upper Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia
Acadia University
Awarded: $9,000.00

The overall goal of this project is to examine and test the assumptions about the use of wetlands by ducks in farmland as outlined in the Nova Scotia Eastern Habitat Joint Venture (NS-EHJV) Implementation Plan for the North American Waterfowl Management Plan released in June 2008.

Final Report

Fostering citizen science and conservation at coastal bird “hot spots” on Nova Scotia’s shores
Bird Studies Canada
Awarded: 8,000.00

This project will engage community members across NS in meaningful science and conservation activities that improve understanding of coastal bird populations and enhance coastal habitats. Training workshops and one-on-one mentoring will build skills, foster stewardship, and enable a network of volunteer citizen scientists' to participate in and contribute to diverse monitoring, research and conservation initiatives focusing on waterfowl, shorebirds, seabirds, and coastal habitats.

Final Report

Gulls as habitat and ecosystem bio-indicators on Sable Island

Acadia University
Awarded: $10,000.00

Provide a foundation for using gulls as bio-indicators to monitor the health of Sable Island habitats.

Final Report

Habitat Suitability Modeling for Landbird Species at Risk in Southwestern Nova Scotia
Dalhousie University
Awarded: 7,500.00
The goal of this applied research project is to identify breeding habitat for five recently-listed (Schedule 1 SARA) species: Canada Warbler, Chimney Swift, Common Nighthawk, Olive-sided Flycatcher, and Rusty Blackbird. Loss of habitat is the main threat on their breeding grounds. Before we can take actions to conserve their breeding habitat, we must first determine what features make a suitable habitat and then use this information to identify its location on the landscape. Our ultimate goal is to enhance the ability of government, industry, engos, and private landowners to conserve habitat for landbird Species At Risk in Nova Scotia.

Final Report

In-depth analysis of deer management in Nova Scotia: critique of current policy and suggestions for future management approaches

Acadia University
Awarded: $14,000.00

This project will support improvements to deer management, which in turn supports wildlife habitat conservation by NS DNR. The objectives of this project include critiquing current NS DNR deer management policy and suggesting improvements, evaluating current deer data collection and identifying information gaps, assessing the usefulness of Pellet Group Inventories (PGIs) for deer density and population estimates, and investigating the development and application of population indices and population surveys.

Final Report

Project Webfoot Wetland Education Program 2012/2013

Ducks Unlimited Canada
Awarded: $7,500.00

The goal of Project Webfoot is to increase youth awareness about the importance of wetlands and engage community environmental organizations to be involved in wetland conservation and education. Through Project Webfoot youth will gain an appreciation for wetlands which will encourage them to make sound choices as adults to ensure the continued protection of wetland habitats.

Final Report

Protecting the Pugwash Estuary

Nature Conservancy Canada
Awarded: $50,000.00

The goal of this project is to secure important and estuary shoreline habitat that will provide refuge for native flora and fauna, contribute to NCC’s ongoing conservation efforts along the Pugwash estuary, and to the objectives of NCC’s Natural Area Conservation Plan for te Northumberland strait region. Importantly, NCC’s ownership of the property will allow for recreation and enjoyment by local residents.

Final Report

Sharing the Space: Species at Risk Habitat Conservation in Nova Scotia
Nova Scotia Nature Trust
Awarded: $8,000.00

This project seeks to increase awareness of land conservation options among those who work and/or live with species at risk and their habitats (an important focus in wildlife habitat conservation), and to increase our capacity for prioritizing properties for securement.

Final Report

Students for Swifts: Engaging Students in Chimney Swift Stewardship

Bird Studies Canada
Awarded: $6,950.00

Our goal is to empower children and educators to take direct conservation action and promote Chimney Swift awareness in the community of New Glasgow.

Final Report

The Science of Stewardship: Achieving Behaviour Change for Species at Risk Recovery
Acadia University
Awarded: $6,000.00

The goal of this project is the design of a conceptual framework to identify core concepts and processes embodied in conservation stewardship, and to explain the specific mechanisms by which recovery science is translated into stewardship action. The outcome of this goal is a product that will allow conservation organizations to develop and evaluate conservation stewardship initiatives with a high level of efficacy.

Final Report

Young Naturalists Club of Nova Scotia

Young Naturalists Club
Awarded: $15,000.00

The goal of the Young Naturalists Club (YNC) is to provide positive, educational experiences for children related to natural history, primarily of Nova Scotia. Positive experiences in nature, and excitement regarding natural history knowledge, lead to the development of an environmental ethic in children.

Final Report

Total Projects Approved: 15
Total Amount Approved: $181,792.00