Habitat Conservation Fund 2020 Approved Projects

2020 NSHCF Approved Projects
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Nova Scotia Habitat Conservation Fund and Wildlife Habitat Stamp
The Habitat Conservation Fund is authorized by the Wildlife Act for the protection and enhancement of wildlife habitat. The $5.15 Wildlife Habitat Stamp is the primary funding mechanism for the fund. Project funding recommendations are made by a Board of Directors, with members from hunting, naturalist and academic associations.

10 projects approved for funding for 2021 are as follows:

Conserving Habitat for Landbirds at Risk in Forested Landscapes in Nova Scotia 
Dalhousie University – Awarded: $20,000.00

Identifying sites of climate-resilient and climate reduced habitat for Piping Plover
Dalhousie University – Awarded: $6,270.00

Invasive Alien Species in Nova Scotia: Update Guide and Habitat Stewardship
Cape Breton University – Awarded: $24,276.00

Lichens of old growth forests in Nova Scotia sampling bias and indicator potential
Saint Mary's University – Awarded: $14,603.06

Private Woodland Prioritization and Outreach for Land trust in Kespukwitk
Nova Scotia Working Woodlands Trust – Awarded: $21,395.00

Snapping Turtle protection and education in Southwest Nova Scotia
Bluenose Coastal Action Foundation– Awarded: $12,500.00

Space to Roost: Reducing disturbance at vital shorebird habitats in the Minas Basin
Birds Canada – Awarded $9,880.00

Treasured wetlands of Nova Scotia: Engaging
Duck Unlimited Canada – Awarded: $18,500.00

Waterfowl productivity and ecological indicator of wetlands habitat quality at Belleisle Marsh
 Acadia University- Awarded: $16,800.00

Wetland restoration and appreciation in the Town of Middleton
Clean Annapolis River Project – Awarded: $ 14,470.00

Trapper Mentorship Program
Trappers Association of Nova Scotia – Awarded: $18,000.00

More information can be found at: https://novascotia.ca/natr/wildlife/habfund/