Habitat Conservation Fund - Application Guide and Form

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The completed and signed application form must be submitted by email to habfund@novascotia.ca by 1st December

With your application form, please submit letters of support from matching funding sources  and, where appropriate, a Conflict of Interest Declaration form. A conflict of interest exists in any situation where the applicant or an immediate family member of the applicant of this fund is an employee/a contractor or consultant of the Habitat Conservation Fund Board of Directors, or a DNRR staff member involved in the tracking, inspecting, auditing, or approving of the program. A conflict of interest will not necessarily preclude funding of an applicant, but it must be disclosed by the applicant.

To conduct a fair and thorough evaluation of all proposals, the deadline dates for submission of complete proposals must be strictly adhered to.

The NS Habitat Conservation Fund Guide and Application Form is available in Microsoft Word and fill-in pdf.

  1. NSHCF guide and application form (Microsoft Word)
  2. NSHCF Guide and Application Form (PDF)

  3. Conflict of interest statement (PDF)