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With approximately 30,000 landowners in the province, and many new purchasing or inheriting land each year, there is an ongoing need to show people good forest management practices. There is lots of great work being done by private owners, much of which goes unnoticed by DNR staff, forest professionals, other woodland owners, and the general public.
Landowners have high credibility with each other, with the media, and with the public. 

Landowners learn best from each other, preferably in a forested setting. The Department (DNR) has facilitated land owners learning from each other at events like woodland conferences and public field days.


The Network will promote of sustainable woodlot management practices by helping woodland owners network with their peers to share their experience with woodlots. This will provide opportunities for woodland owners to learn from each other, and ideally lead to improved management practices across the province.

About the participants

A recognized network of stewardship woodlots is a natural progression to the Woodlot Owner of the Year (WOYA) program which recognizes and rewards owners with less than 800 ha (2000 acres). For many land owners sharing with others is a meaningful contribution. Land owners with properties exceeding 800 ha (2000 acres) may be considered by contacting the DNR network administrator.

Participation in the Network is voluntary, and woodlot owners can chose to withdraw at anytime. Letter agreements will be required for each participating woodlot owner. Based on this agreement, woodlot information will be made available on the Network webpage for a period of 5 years (unless the participant chooses to withdraw before this period ends), after which a renewal agreement may be signed.

How it works

The project is primarily web based. An interactive searchable map is created and published to a webpage. Information is provided for each woodlot that allows for searchable elements such as tree species, treatments, equipment, affiliation to various land owner organizations… so that anyone can enter a query and find woodlots that possess the attributes they are interested in. The search can be done by county or specific questions such as tree species or treatment. Woodlot owner contact information, in the form of a phone number and/or e-mail address, is provided for each woodlot. Interested members of the public can contact woodlot owners for inquiries and to arrange woodlot visits.


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