Natural Resources 2004 Woodlot Owner of the Year

Meet the Winners:

Western Region and Provincial Winner

James Bower, of Yarmouth, is the 2004 provincial Woodlot Owner of the Year. Anyone who has driven the Ohio Road between Shelburne and Yarmouth has likely noticed his beautiful white pine shelterwoods dominated by tall stately pines, with the ground covered to the brim with white pine regeneration. Along with contractor Mike Harris, James works to improve the quality of the pine and his woodlot in general. He has a long family history of woodlot ownership and has been practicing silviculture since the early 1980s.Bruce Carter, regional extension forester, says “the woodlot is really a lesson in cooperation between the landowner, his contractor - Mike Harris, consulting forester - Patricia Amero, and Registered Buyer-Lewis Mouldings”. This fits with James’ goal of providing employment from his land. James had the foresight last year to hire Patricia Amero of Picea Foresty Consulting, to provide him with an up to date management plan to guide him and Mike in their management activities.

Earning income is secondary to James. He is one of a handful of landowners who has made a conscious decision to preserve 20 acres of old growth forest. Following in his father’s footsteps, he calls it the “green bunch” - a beautiful 150 year old stand of red spruce, white pine, and eastern hemlock - featured in a recent issue of AFR. To add even more to the charisma of the woodlot, a beautiful river scene from the movie "The Scarlett Letter" with Demi Moore was filmed on this woodlot in mid 1990's.

Central Region Winner

Laurie Hanna and his sons, Mike and Steve, own a family farm with a history of ownership dating back to the turn of the century. With the guidance of the Athol Forestry Cooperative Ltd., the Hannas nurture their woodlot, thinning their red spruce-yellow birch stands with the intent to improve the quality and maintain the species. Their philosophy is not to clearcut unless it is absolutely necessary. They also have a modern sugar bush operation. The woodlot more than fills any “slack” time they have from the farm operation.

Contact: Don Cameron 902-893-57629

Laurie with sons
Eastern Region Winner

Earl Vickers dedication to improving his woodlot is clearly evident as you walk through his woodlot; there is lots thinning and planting he has done in his “spare” time. He knows every corner of his woodlot like “the back of his hand”. The fact that he is a retired silviculture trainer is evident by the quality of his work. Attention to detail is noticeable - a trait usually exhibited by the best landowners. Contact: Tim Bailey 902-863-7373

Earl Vickers

The 2004 Woodlot Owner of the Year Award will be officially presented to Mr. Bower at a field day to be held on his woodlot in October. Field tours will also be held on Mr. Hanna’s lot in Parsborro and Mr. Vicker’s lot in September.
For more information on the winners or the upcoming field days contact:
Tim Whynot
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