Natural Resources 2005 Woodlot Owner of the Year

Meet the Winners:

( Regional Winner- Central)

Congratulations to Tom and Lori Miller of Greenhill, Pictou Co., the 2005 Provincial Woodlot Owners of the Year. The Millers were chosen as the Central Region winners in May and were recently selected as the provincial winners from regional winners in Central, Eastern and Western Nova Scotia.

Tom and Lori have been involved in forestry for almost 30 years, and their experience and knowledge is evident in their woodland management. The Miller family manage two properties, one in Greenhill and a second woodland in Earltown Colchester County. Tom, Lori and their two children Christy and Matt do most of the work themselves.

The Millers have worked with Nagaya Forest Products to write management plans for both woodlands and are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) . This illustrates their commitment to sustainable forest management and their strong environmental ethic. The Millers are managing to restore historic uneven-aged, Acadian forest types. Tom and Lori producing and experimenting with a diversity of products including Christmas trees, wreaths, walking sticks and spalted lumber. In addition, both woodlots have identified protected areas, including a stand of mature hemlock.

A field day is planned for Tom and Lori’s Earltown woodland on October 1st, 2005. The field day will include information displays for woodland owners, small equipment demonstrations, a portable saw mill, commercial thinning demonstration, hardwood management and value-added and non-timber forest products.

For more information please contact: Don Cameron (902) 893-5629
Sarah Munro 1-866-226-7577

2005 Regional Winners

Western Region

Dwight Sanders, of New Ross Lunenburg Co., is the 2005 western region winner. The Sanders family has been growing and exporting balsam fir Christmas trees since 1955. The New Ross family exports between 80,000 to 100,000 trees annually under the name H.C. Sanders and Sons LTD.

A field day is planned in conjunction with the Lunenburg County Christmas Tree Producers Association (LCCTPA) Annual Trade Show and Field Tour on September 17th , 2005. The LCCTPA trade show will be held at the Forties Community Centre. From the centre buses will travel to Sander’s Maplewood lot. The field day will have shearing and spacing demonstrations, small equipment, Integrated Pest Management, and pre-commercial thinning of woodlands.

For more information please contact: Bruce Carter(902) 584-2229
Ross Pentz (902) 543-0638

Eastern Region

Jeremy Frith of North River Cape Breton is the 2005 eastern regional winner. Mr Frith is a wealth of knowledge of the land and the area. He focuses on long term gain from his woodlot.

Doing most of the work himself, he works tirelessly to restore his woodland to historic Acadian forest cover types. His long-term management plan is aimed at growing higher value tress and has done a lot of pruning and thinning to achieve this. Mr. Frith is also concerned about increasing the diversity and health of his woodland.

A field day is planned on Jeremy Frith’s woodland on September 10th, 2005. The day will have mixed wood spacing, sawmill demonstration, protected areas and conservation easements as well as information on organic farming.

For more information please contact: Tim Bailey (902) 863- 7373