Natural Resources 2008 Woodlot Owner of the Year

Meet the Winners:

Congratulations to Russell and Marjorie McNally of Nuttby Mountain, Colchester Co., the 2008 Provincial Winners of the Woodlot Owner of the Year (WOYA). Russell and Marjorie McNally were chosen as the Central Nova Scotia regional winner in May and were recently selected as the Provincial winner over other outstanding woodlot owners from Western and Eastern Nova Scotia. Central Region - Russell, Marjorie, Sarah and Kelly McNally.

The Department of Natural Resources received 15 nominations for the honour prior March 31st . All nominations were evaluated by regional Natural Resources staff members for regional winners, while the provincial winner was selected by a selection committee comprised of two foresters, a wildlife technician, a former award winner, and an environmental studies graduate student.

Russell and Marjorie McNally were chosen as the provincial winners for their keen and innovative approach to running their woodlot. The family owns a 200 acre woodlot that was purchased in 1981 and has been a family endeavour ever since. The McNally family has improved the quality of the woodlot by implementing sound harvesting and silvicultural techniques. Their basic aim is to develop an integrated management approach where in addition to wood production, consideration is also given to wildlife enhancement and recreation improvement. As a result of this philosophy, multiple forest values have been maintained over time including high quality timber, wildlife habitat, water quality, aesthetics, recreational opportunities, spiritual aspects of nature and many more.

Russell McNally retired from the department of Natural Resources as a researcher in 1995, but his ambition to contribute to sustainable woodland management through research and innovative techniques is still alive and, his woodlot is comparable to an outdoor laboratory, where several sites are dedicated to experimental treatments and, the results achieved to date are compelling. Russell’s woodlot has been used by different groups and is open for educational and information sharing purposes.

The 2008 Woodlot Owner of the Year Award will be officially presented to the McNally family at a public field tour to be held on their woodlot October 4th . The public field day will include the information display for woodland owners, award giving ceremony, equipment demonstrations, several woodland management techniques, and many more.

Directions to Russell McNally woodlot in Nuttby Mountain:

From Hwy 102
-take exit 14A, turn right and drive approximately 4km’s to Hwy 311 and turn left;
- Follow Hwy 311 approx.17km
- Turn right on Sutherland Rd
- Drive 1 km to woodlot gate on the right

From Hwy 104
- take exit To Bible Hill/Valley
-turn let from exit onto College Road
-500m to Valley Crossroads intersection, turn right toward Hwy 311
-drive under Hwy 104 overpass
-follow Brookside Road, Approximately 6 km to Hwy 311 and turn right
-drive along Hwy311 for approximately 15 km
-turn right at Sutherland Road - 1 km to gate on the right

From Arlington Place, Prince St.
- Drive along Prince Street; turn left onto Walker Street, go through intersection and over bridge into Bible Hill
-stay on Main Street for 2.3 km from bridge
-take Hwy 311 - 23 km
-to Sutherland Road - turn right
-1km - turn right at woodlot gate

– – Watch for signs – –

For more information contact:

Simon Mutabazi
Natural Resources

Don Cameron
Natural Resources

Eastern Region
Geoffrey, Neal and Peggy

Nestled in the rolling hills of the Mabou Highlands you will find the beautiful uneven-aged Acadian Forests of the Black River Woodlot. The 420 acre woodlot was originally purchased in 1978.

Neal has been working tirelessly over the years to restore the over-harvested areas to a natural Acadian Forest. The woodlot features a rich mixture of softwood and hardwood Acadian Forest species. The Black River Woodlot is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), and the woodlot is managed through sound, low impact forestry practices.

The woodlot is also the site of Black River Maple Products and Black River Hydro Ltd. The family also harvests several non-timber forest products and services from their woodlot. Some of which include fiddleheads, maple syrup, a 220 kilowatt hydro-electric plant, trails for hiking and skiing, and even a downhill ski slope! The Black river Woodlot is a prime example of a woodlot that generates income from non - timber forest products.

From the 220 kilowatt hydro-electric plant, Neal has been able to harness the power of the Black River. This enables the family to be completely energy self sufficient and to generate income by selling excess energy to NS Power. The Black river Woodlot showcases many ways to manage a woodlot in a profitable way.

The field day on the Black River Woodlot will be held on September 27th.

Directions to Neal Livingston and Peggy Cameron's woodlot in Mabou:

On Highway #19, 9 km north of Mabou and 15 km south of Inverness in Riverville.
Park at Highway at Maclellans Road.
Walk 0.5 km up MacLellan’s Road to registration desk.

– – Watch for signs – –

For more information please contact:

Tim Bailey
Natural Resources

Simon Mutabazi
Natural Resources

Western Region - Laurie, Christine, Royce and Jason Ford.

Not far from the entrance to Kejimukujik National Park you will find the woodlot of Christine and Royce Ford. The original woodlot has been in the Ford family for three generations. Currently, the Fords own about 750 acres woodland in the Maitland Bridge area of Annapolis Co. Royce is an experienced and dedicated woodland owner. As a forest technician, and as the owner of “CR Trees Forest Management” there is no doubt that Royce is very knowledgeable of forest dynamics and practices in Nova Scotia.

Royce’s main objective is to maintain or increase forest fiber through silviculture treatments, have a sustainable production of quality wood products that meet the specifications of sawmills throughout Nova Scotia and to ensure that forest management activities do not have a negative impact on the environment and wildlife habitat. Royce believes that if you look after the land, the land will look after you.

The Ford woodlots contain many features, such as, christmas tree plantations, apple tree orchards, and plenty of wildlife areas. You can also witness first-hand multiple forestry practices, such as, selective harvesting, shelterwood cuts, and PCTs. Or, take a walk on the Ford family woodlot, and witness the beauty of an uneven aged Acadian Forest alongside the gentle murmur of the Mersey River. It is truly a relaxing and revitalizing experience.

The field day on the Ford woodlot will be held on September 13th.

Directions to Royce and Christine Ford’s woodlot in Maitland Bridge:

-Take Highway 103 to Bridgewater
-Take Exit 13, marked Wileville, you are now on Highway #325
-Take Highway "325" to it's end-it intersects with Highway "208
-Go left (west) on Highway #208 until it intersects with Highway #8
-Go right on Highway #8(north) thru, Caledonia , Kempt

From Highway #101, Exit #22 near Annapolis Royal
48 kilometers south from Highway #101 at Exit #22(near Annapolis Royal), 1,6 kilometer south of the main entrance into Kejimkujik National Park and Historic Site.

– – Watch for signs – –

For more information please contact:

Bruce Carter
Natural Resources

Simon Mutabazi
Natural Resources