Natural Resources 2017 Woodland Owner of the Year

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2017 provincial WOYA winnerThe 2017 provincial and central region winners are Peter and Pat Spicer of Spencer’s Island, Cumberland County. The Spicers manage a 1600-acre woodlot that has been in the family for 7 generations. This unique woodlot was the main supplier of high quality ship building wood products to the shipbuilding industry that once existed in Spencer’s Island, and continues to provide both social and economic values for the Spicers and the community. About 14 years ago Peter took over the woodlot after retiring from his teaching career and started managing it as a business known as: Seven Gulches Forest Products; and it has been an incredible journey for Peter and his family.

“The name seven gulches was chosen by my daughters as we all had the uniform #7 in our soccer careers and there are seven very large named gulches on our property” says Peter.

The diversity of the Spicer’s stunning woodlot creates opportunities to manage for a variety of values and products ranging from large healthy red spruce to cross country skiing, snowmobiling, hunting, and wildlife photography. Peter is aware of the value and opportunities on his woodlot and is working hard to follow the best management practices for each unique area on his woodlot.

Sings and or encounter with wildlife on the Spicers woodlot is eminent; as Peter correctly said: “my woodlot is like a natural zoo; everyday you see something special on this property.”

If you’re interested in visiting this stunning woodlot and learning more about sustainable woodlot management make sure to attend our Central and Provincial WOYA Field day on September 30th from 9:00am – 4:00pm!

Directions to the Spicers Woodlot: From Parrsboro drive north on Glooscap Trail (Upper Main St) and turn left onto highway 209 (Parrsboro Shore Road). Follow highway 209 for 37km and turn left at the civic address 5006.


  1. Arrival (8:30 – 9:00 am)
  2. Guest book signing and registration (up on arrival)
  3. Field tours (from 9:00 am)
  4. Lunch (from 11:30 am)
  5. Recognition speech (12:30 pm)
  6. Award presentation (12:40 pm)
  7. Speech by Peter/Pat Spicer (12:50 pm)
  8. Prize draw (1:00 pm)
  9. Tour continues until 4 pm

David Bent – Western Region Winners

2017 David Bent – Western Region Winners In the western region, David Bent and family took the honor due to the dedicated management of their 1000 acres of woodland spread across 8 different lots in Annapolis County. David’s home lot is about 185 acres and was bought by his grandparents in 1937 who managed it together with an apple orchard that once existed on the property. David grew up working on the woodlot and watching how it changed and grew literally from day to day, and eventually took ownership of the woodlot in 1981, and has been actively managing it ever since.

“Since I was a small child I have been watching the woodlot and how it changes” says David Bent who has been involved in the care and management of his home woodlot for 60 years.

David has an excellent knowledge of sustainable woodlot management that comes from years of experience working as a forestry technician, woods contractor, and successfully managing many woodlots in Annapolis County. He knows his woodlot like the back of his hand and is always concerned about what impact he has on his woodlot and the environment. David is proud of his woodlot and the work he has accomplished.

If you’re interested in visiting this beautiful woodlot and learning more about sustainable woodlot management make sure to attend our Western WOYA Field day this September 23rd from 9:00am – 4:00pm.

Directions to David’s Woodlot:

From Halifax take highway 101W, turn off at exit 18 and turn left onto Brooklyn Road. Follow Brooklyn Road for 1.7km and then turn right onto Evangeline Trail. Follow Evangeline Trail for 4.5km and turn left onto Mt Hanley Road, follow this road for 3km until you reach Hwy 201. Turn right onto HWY 201, turn left at the civic address 7396.

From Digby get on highway 101E until you reach exit 21, turn left onto Rice road. Follow Rice road until you reach highway 201, turn right onto highway 201 and drive 18km until you reach the civic address 7396.

1.Arrival (8:30 – 9:00 am)
2.Guest book signing and registration (up on arrival)
3.Field tours (from 9:00 am)
4.Lunch (from 11:45 am)
5.Recognition speech (12:30 pm)
6.Award presentation (12:40 pm)
7.Speech by David Brent (12:50 pm)
8.Prize draw (1:00 pm)
9.Tour continues until 4 pm

Eastern Region:

Two nominations were received for the eastern region but both nominees declined since they were not ready to host the event. One of the nominees indicated that he wanted to work on his road system before showcasing what their family has achieved over the years. Stay tuned for 2018!