Sept. 26, 2019

Crane Pic 1 (JPG, 1.7MB)

Crane Pic 2 (JPG, 1.6MB)

Crane Pic 3 (JPG, 1.5MB)

Oct. 11, 2019

A section of the fallen crane held in place by cables and chains anchored to the floor of the building (JPG, 10.2MB)

The top portion of the tower of the crane on top of the Olympus Building. Cables can be seen holding a section of the crane in place. (JPG, 11.2MB)

There are 26 anchor points in place to keep the crane stabilized so workers can safely cut up the crane a section at a time. (JPG, 11.7MB)

An anchor is fixed to the wall of the Olympus Building (JPG, 8.9MB)

Oct. 13, 2019

Workers are suspended in a man basket high above the Olympus Building as they worked to cut away the catwalk. (JPG, 429.1KB)

Work crews successfully removed the catwalk from the boom yesterday. (JPG, 424.7B)

Oct. 14, 2019

A worker cuts a section of the boom from the fallen crane on Monday (JPG, 60KB)

The heavy-lift crane begins lowering a section of the crane to the ground. (JPG, 359.9KB)

Oct. 22, 2019

Workers prepare to remove the middle section of the crane's tower Monday, Oct. 21 (JPG, 292KB)

Crews use a torch to cut through a section of the fallen crane Monday, Oct. 21 (JPG, 450KB)

Halifax Fire uses hoses to suppress the risk of fire while workers cut through the middle section of the crane, Monday Oct 21. (JPG, 808KB)

Oct. 23, 2019

Workers hang from a basket as they cut the top section of the fallen crane before it is removed. (JPG, 2.3MB)

The top section of the crane is lifted from the building. (JPG, 3.4MB)

A piece of the upper section is lowered to the ground Tuesday evening. (JPG, 5.3MB)

Oct. 26, 2019

The last big piece is lowered to the ground from the top storey (JPG, 577KB)

Workers ensuring the riggings are secured prior to the lift (JPG, 172KB)

Just after the noon hour, the remaining piece of the crane is lowered off the building (JPG, 209KB)