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Newbridge Networks Corporation of Kanata, Ont., a worldwide
leader in communications networking, today announced it is
establishing a research and development facility in Halifax.

Premier John Savage and Newbridge chairman and chief executive
officer Terence Matthews made the announcement at a Halifax news

Newbridge's decision provides a major boost to Nova Scotia's
burgeoning information technology sector.

"Newbridge will act as a magnet in attracting other high tech
companies to locate in Nova Scotia," Premier Savage said. "Most
important, it will encourage our best and brightest students to
stay in the province because of the stimulating jobs to be found
within our knowledge-based industries."

The company's decision to locate in Nova Scotia was influenced by
a number of factors including the province's excellent
universities and its community of skilled researchers.

"In today's information age which offers the promise of
ubiquitous high-capacity multimedia communications networks
throughout the world, Nova Scotia is well positioned to take a
leading role in the development of next-generation networking
systems," said Mr. Matthews. "The province offers compelling
reasons for information technology companies to establish a
presence here, including a rich pool of world-class university
graduates, an attractive quality of life and a progressive
approach to public-private partnerships, such as the one we are
announcing today."

Newbridge is expected to significantly enhance Nova Scotia's
image as a centre of excellence in information technology.

The company will expand its research and development resources
for intelligent networks by establishing an R&D facility in Nova
Scotia this year.

Newbridge designs, manufactures and sells a comprehensive family
of high-speed data communications products, providing, for
example, faster Internet access. Newbridge will also establish a
new affiliate company in the province to develop equipment to
perform to the highest standards of reliability in severe
environments such as cellular/wireless, outside plant and
shipboard applications. The two operations will create 50 highly
skilled jobs within four years.

Newbridge will actively cooperate with local Nova Scotia
companies to help stimulate the growth of local information
technology companies and provide additional opportunities for
Nova Scotians.

Newbridge is investing a minimum of $10 million in the project.
The province will also invest up to $10 million over a four-year
period. The government will begin receiving a return on its
investment within four years and will have recovered its entire
investment from Newbridge, within six years.

Founded in 1986, Newbridge is recognized as a world leader in the
design, manufacture, marketing and support of digital networks
for wide area and local area network applications. Public and
private network operators around the world use Newbridge products
to build fully managed multimedia networks for voice, data,
graphics and full-motion video communications.

Newbridge has quadrupled its sales over the past four years and
last year again, it reported record revenues. The company has
facilities throughout Canada, the United States, Latin American,
Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia, employing about 3,200
people. The company's Canadian headquarters houses its main
manufacturing and R&D facilities.

"We're talking about a very impressive Canadian company," said
Premier Savage. "The fact that they chose to come here is a real
feather in Nova Scotia's cap."


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