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Nova Scotia Fisheries Minister Jim Barkhouse said he is
encouraged by the decision by Fisheries and Oceans to meet with
fisheries groups. 

Federal Fisheries Minister Fred Mifflin has invited
representatives of fisheries groups in Scotia-Fundy to meet with
senior officials on Monday morning in Dartmouth.

"These have been very tense and trying weeks. Many people have
been working diligently to achieve a middle ground where talks
could begin between the fishing industry and DFO. This represents
a major step toward establishing meaningful negotiations to
resolve the current dispute and address the concerns of our
fishing communities," said Mr.Barkhouse. 

The minister said the meeting is an important opportunity for
representatives from all fishing sectors to express their
concerns and views about new federal policies. "Nova Scotia's
fishing industry is facing changes that could drastically affect
the future of the industry and fishing communities," he said. 

"I cannot stress enough the importance of consultation in these
matters. Fishing is an $800 million a year industry in Nova
Scotia. It drives the economy of our coastal communities creating
a vast network of jobs both in the fishery and in spin-off
industrial activities." 

"Nova Scotia and Nova Scotians must play a much greater role in
the decision-making process associated with the development of
new policies. The meeting with DFO is a positive move toward
creating productive dialogue and building trust between industry
and the federal department," Mr. Barkhouse said.


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