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Nova Scotia Fisheries Minister Jim Barkhouse today applauded the
decision by federal Fisheries and Oceans Minister Fred Mifflin to
implement the new escape vent regulation for the lobster fishery
in the southern Gulf of St. Lawrence. 

The provincial Fisheries Department, together with most other
stakeholders in the lobster fishery, have been strongly
supporting the move to 1 1/2" x 5" escape vents for over a year.

"Many conservation measures have been discussed for lobsters in
the Gulf of St. Lawrence, but there have been problems with
implementation," said Mr. Barkhouse.

"We are very pleased that Mr. Mifflin has moved to put in place a
basic conservation measure, one that will give small lobsters a
better chance to survive by allowing them to escape from traps
when they are still on the ocean floor."

Mr. Barkhouse noted there are other important conservation
measures being discussed for the southern Gulf and hopes that Mr.
Mifflin will be quick to move on those.
"My department and the fishermen of Gulf Nova Scotia have been
requesting carapace size increases in the Gulf lobster areas for
many years," he said. "Studies have endorsed carapace size
increases as a positive conservation step for lobsters. What we
need now is action and we are hoping that Mr. Mifflin will take
that action."


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jlw                       Mar. 06, 1996        12:25 p.m.