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Young people between the ages of 17-24, who are concerned about
the environment and looking for a job this summer, should check
out the Youth Environmental Challenge.

This special program of the Nova Scotia Youth Conservation Corps
offers young people the chance to create their own employment
while helping conserve Nova Scotia's environment.

The following steps are required to take up the challenge:

--- Develop a project that is of community-service nature and
provides long lasting environmental benefits. Projects can be
undertaken in either French or English, individually or in a crew
of four-five members who show initiative and concern for the

--- Fill out a project proposal form that outlines the project
including budget, financial, and material support. Participants
are required to seek out 50 per cent funding support from other
government sources, local businesses, service clubs and/or other
fund raising activities. A program supervisor, who is in
agreement with your project, should be designated from within the

If the project is accepted the Nova Scotia Youth Conservation
Corps will provide the remainder of the project costs, up to 50
per cent to a limit of $3500.

Environmental projects could include the development of
educational materials, community workshops, public opinion
surveys or waste reduction projects such as a community
composter. Projects may also be developed involving watershed and
waste management or trail development to enhance awareness of the
natural environment.

The Youth Environmental Challenge offers more than just a job.
This program enables young people to create employment that
interests them. Valuable experience and understanding of current
environmental issues can be gained while developing management,
organizational, leadership and goal setting skills.

The Nova Scotia Youth Conservation Corps will provide assistance
in the development of project proposals and advice relating to
fund raising. The deadline for project proposals is June 1, 1996.

Project proposal forms or for more information may be obtained by
contacting the Nova Scotia Youth Conservation Corps, P.O. Box
2107, Halifax, B3J 3B7; phone 902-424-4924;
or E-mail:


Contact: Firdaus Bhathena  902-424-4924

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