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The Cape Breton construction industry and economy should benefit
from the ground-breaking, multi-trades construction agreement
signed and ratified late last week, Labour Minister Guy Brown
said today.

"This agreement sends a strong message of stability in Cape
Breton's construction industry. Labour and management are serious
about a better future for the industry in Cape Breton," the
minister said. "This is an important step in creating a climate
that supports investment and job creation in the area."

The agreement between the Cape Breton Building and Construction
Trades Council and the Construction Management Bureau. The
council consists of 3,200 members in 12 unions who do the vast
majority of industrial and commercial construction work in Cape
Breton. The Construction Management Bureau is an umbrella group
representing more than 80 construction contractors and employers.

"Labour and management sat down together and achieved some
meaningful results. Increased stability should improve the
industry for employers and employees alike," Mr. Brown said.

The industry was working under an extended collective agreement
that was set to expire on June 30, 1996. The new three-year
agreement runs until June 30, 1999. The agreement covers
employment issues such as holidays, hiring practices and pension
and union dues.

"Management and labour have banded together for a common goal and
for the collective good of the industry. This should mean good
things over the next three years. I am encouraged by the progress
the industry has made."

He said the agreement is especially important given the fact that
Stora Forest Industries in Port Hawkesbury will begin its
$650-million expansion later this year.


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