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Premier John Savage is in Hong Kong and Bejing this week as a
follow-up to the November, 1994 Team Canada trade mission to

In Hong Kong, the Nova Scotia delegation will be meeting with 
groups of investors in order to discuss possible investment
opportunities in Nova Scotia.

In Bejing, the premier and a group of Nova Scotia businessmen
will be looking at a number of trade initiatives, including the
possibility of participating in school and housing construction
projects in China.

Premier Savage will also be meeting with representatives of Min
Metals, the Chinese company which, along with the Nova Scotia
government, operates the Sydney Steel Mill.

The premier is being accompanied on the China trip by Robert
Moody, deputy minister of education, as well as a two senior Nova
Scotia trade officials. The delegation arrives back in Halifax
this coming weekend.


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trp                   Mar. 11, 1996 - 4:25 p.m.