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The school board amalgamation committee in southwest Nova Scotia
has decided to locate its central office in Yarmouth and to
establish a satellite office in the Bridgewater area, Michael
Laurie, Amalgamation Coordinator, announced today.

The P.A. Best Centre in Yarmouth was selected as the site for
central office after the committee evaluated the relative merits
of several alternative sites. Among the criteria for selection
developed by the committee was the cost to renovate and to
operate sites on an annual basis.

The P.A. Best Centre, which was substantially renovated several
years ago, was the most cost effective of the sites evaluated.
The Yarmouth District School Board is currently occupying a
portion of the building. The committee plans to locate the
superintendent and most of the administrative staff in finance,
transportation, property services and human resources in this
central facility.

The committee also decided to locate most of the education
program and student services staff in the Bridgewater area, due
to the concentration of students, teachers and education support
staff in that end of the southwest region. A review is under way
to select the precise location for the satellite office.

According to Mr. Laurie, the committee would like to locate some
administrative staff, such as those involved in student services,
transportation and property services in schools, bus garages and
other properties owned by the board in other areas of the
southwest region, in order that they be closer to the students
and staff they serve.

Final decisions on the staff organization chart, the exact
positions and the number of administrative staff required, as
well as their location, will be determined in consultation with
the new superintendent and senior management. Candidates for the
position of superintendent are being evaluated and the selection
announcement is expected by March 31.


Contact: Michael Laurie  902-861-3919

trp                    Mar. 14, 1996 - 11:45 a.m.