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On Monday, Mar. 18; 30 Nova Scotia farm owners and their families
will begin a pilot course in farm enterprise planning. 

The unique aspect of this course is that the participants will be
working independently from the comfort of their home offices.
They will be using their computers to access course material
through the Internet. 

This course is a joint project between the farm business
management section of the Nova Scotia Department of Agriculture
and Marketing and the Canadian Agricultural Knowledge Institute,
with funding support from the Canada/Nova Scotia Farm Business
Management Agreement. 

This unique delivery system makes it possible to offer training
courses in locations where the traditional classroom approach
would not be feasible. Business training is now at farmers
fingertips with simple access to the Internet. 

The farm enterprise planning course involves 40 hours of "virtual
classroom" time matched by a similar amount of "homework."
Students who complete the course will have a business plan ready
to use in their farming operations. This course addresses a
renewed interest in the value of farm business planning brought
on by the ever increasing influence of global competition.

The pilot course materials include a cross section of Nova Scotia
farm commodities such as hogs, apples, greenhouse products,
dairy, beef, strawberries, chickens, eggs, grain, vegetables and
fur. The students enrolled in the course are located from
Yarmouth County through to Pictou County. 

The course will be offered across Canada and to the rest of the
world in October of this year and will be the first in a series
of farm management courses that will be developed in the future. 


Contact: Gary Moton 902-679-6007

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