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A review of the ferry services operated by the Department of
Transportation and Communications will include public
consultation before any schedule changes are made. "No decisions
on such changes will be made before the users of these ferry
services have had an opportunity to provide input to the
department," Transportation and Communications Minister Richie
Mann said today.

"We are willing to work with these communities to determine what
alternatives are available to reduce an annual operating deficit
of over $4 million for these ferry services," Mr. Mann said.

"We are open to any and all ideas these communities may have, but
the department can only protect the ferry services if we are able
to significantly reduce or eliminate this loss. Our goal is to
have a transportation system that is sustainable and affordable."

The review of the ferry services was undertaken as part of a
comprehensive program review by employees from all functional
areas and all levels of the department. All seven ferry
operations were reviewed and consideration is being given to
increasing the existing average fare of 50 cents for most

"As with private industry and every sector of our society, this
department is anticipating additional requirements to reduce our
expenditures," the minister said. "We felt a responsible
preparation for such reductions would be to review all of the
Department's programs, including the ferry services."

The public consultation process for the ferry services will begin
with a community meeting at 7 p.m. Thursday, March 20, at the
Community College campus in Bridgewater. Community meetings will
be scheduled and announced for other areas that could be affected
by schedule changes.


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trp                     Mar. 19, 1996 - 4:50 p.m.