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A book of success stories featuring Nova Scotia entrepreneurs is
about to spark the small business flame in schools across the
province. Two thousand of the books will be distributed, through
the Nova Scotia Department of Education and Culture, to every
high school in Nova Scotia this spring.

"Success Stories - Entrepreneurs in Nova Scotia" is a publication
of the Nova Scotia Economic Renewal Agency, highlighting small
businesses that have started or expanded successfully throughout
the province. They range from manufacturers of pelletized
fertilizer to fish farmers. Many of them have used the ERA's
community business loans program, which has helped kick-start 297
businesses, creating and maintaining 1,500 jobs in two years.

"We feel that the best way to encourage our youth to choose
entrepreneurship as a career option is by exposing them to
success stories. The book will ignite a belief in our youth that
entrepreneurship is the path to a self-sufficient and satisfying
career," said Chris Curtis, manager of the Centre for
Entrepreneurship Education and Development. The centre is in
charge of developing the curriculum on entrepreneurism for the

Economic Renewal Minister Robbie Harrison, said the stories in
the book are proof of a new "can do" attitude in Nova Scotia and
chronicle some of the unique ways in which Nova Scotians have
made a success of running their own business.

"This book compliments the Entrepreneurship 12 course offered in
our schools by the Department of Education and Culture. It's a
living textbook. It shows students real examples of Nova Scotians
shaping their own future," he said.

Additional copies of the book can be obtained from: the Nova
Scotia Economic Renewal Agency, World Trade and Convention
Centre, 1800 Argyle Street, Suite 703, P.O. Box 519, Halifax,
N.S., B3J 2R7


Contact: Steve Warburton  902-424-0927

         Chris Curtis     902-424-3334

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