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Training for the province's 2,200 justice workers begins in
Sydney today.

As part of the Framework for Action Against Family Violence, more
than 60 individuals are undergoing the intensive training
program, which will then enable them to train their colleagues
over the next 12 months.

Participants range from police to probation officers. A range of
presentations will be provided over the five day course, which
includes a full day devoted to studying the Quincy model. Janine
Gannon, Jeanmarie Carroll, and Lt. Paul Porter from Quincy, Mass.
will discuss the success they have had in their community. They
will focus on the dynamics of abuse, and the inter-disciplinary
approach in responding to family violence.

Community groups will also be involved in the training. Front
line workers from transition houses and treatment programs will
discuss the myths and truths about abuse, and will present the
victims' stories.

The sessions will be opened by the Deputy Minister of Justice
Bill MacDonald and Associate Chief Judge Joseph Kennedy.

Raymond Cusson, co-ordinator of the training project, will also
provide information on adult learning, and will conduct practical
exercises utilizing the policies relating to the framework for
action. "All of the presenters have volunteered their time free
of charge, and we are extremely pleased with the calibre of the
course content," said Mr. Cusson.

"It will take time for justice workers to be trained," said
Justice Minister Bill Gillis. "Those taking part in the this
course will now have the tools to properly train front-line
justice workers. It is an important step in ensuring we take an
integrated approach in responding to family violence."


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