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Justice Minister Bill Gillis today released the advisory
committee's report on the Freedom of Information and Protection
of Privacy Act. The report contains 65 recommendations, and is
the result of seven months of research and consultation.

Dean Jobb chaired the committee, which was appointed last August.
He was joined by Hyland Fraser, Susan Lewis, Harris Sullivan,
Maureen Foley Walden, and Mary Nearing. Randall Koops was
originally appointed chair, but had to step down due to work
commitments. The mandate of the committee was to undertake a
comprehensive review of the legislation and bring forward

The committee based its report on submissions received from 20
organizations and individuals who responded to a call for
submissions. Discussions were also held with individuals with
particular expertise in issues relating to freedom of
information. Legislation from other jurisdictions was also

"I want to thank the chair and his committee for their hard
work," said Dr. Gillis. "It is obvious from the report that a
great deal of time and effort was spent in putting it together."

In accepting the report, the minister said that he will take it
under advisement, and will thoroughly review the report and its

The committee members represented a diverse range of backgrounds,
from law to municipal government to journalism.


NOTE TO EDITORS: Please be advised that copies of the report are
available at 5151 Terminal Road, 4th floor at 11:00 a.m. Dean
Jobb, chair of the committee, will be available for media

Contact: Michele McKinnon  902-424-6811

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