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Premier John Savage addressed a number of issues of concern to
Nova Scotia during meetings in Ottawa today with Prime Minister
Jean Chretien and several federal cabinet ministers.

Among the matters discussed with the prime minister was the
future of the Cape Breton Development Corporation and the Cape
Breton economy in general. The premier also addressed the issue
of proposed changes to the Employment Insurance system and the
effect those changes will have on seasonal workers in Nova

The premier would not comment on the outcome of the talks other
than noting that he and the prime minister had "a very good

In Ottawa, Premier Savage also met with Natural Resources
Minister Ann MacLellan. The two discussed a number of issues
related to the future of the Cape Breton Development Corporation.

During his meeting with Ms.MacLellan, the premier stressed the
importance placed by the Nova Scotia government on finding a
solution to problems facing the Cape Breton coal industry.

The premier also met with Fisheries Minister Fred Mifflin as a
follow-up to earlier discussions in Halifax. They discussed a
number of matters related to changes in federal fisheries and
ports policies.

Finally, the premier met with Human Resources and Development
Minister Doug Young on the issue of Employment Insurance reform.


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