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Nova Scotia Fisheries Minister Jim Barkhouse today announced the
opening dates and regulations for the 1996 sport fishing season.

Fishing season for trout opens Monday, April 1 in areas west of
Highway 102, and April 15 in the remainder of the province. The
season for smallmouth bass will open April 15.

The bag limit is five trout, five bass and two landlocked salmon
per fishing trip. All resident anglers 16 years of age and over
require a general fishing licence.

A general fishing licence costs $16.05 for residents and $42.80
for non-residents. A resident salmon licence costs $26.75.
General licences can be purchased at one of 900 vendors in the

Pointing out the popularity of sport fishing, Mr. Barkhouse said
that anglers will be able to participate again this year in the
Nova Scotia Sport Fishing Weekend, to take place June 8 and 9.

"This is the second year we are promoting sport fishing through a
weekend of free fishing and other planned activities. The other
Atlantic provinces and the Atlantic Salmon Federation are joining
Nova Scotia in an Atlantic-wide promotion called Atlantic Canada
Angling Days," he said.

The minister said that over 100,000 Nova Scotians enjoy angling
and the activity generates some $82 million a year. "It's an
important economic sector, especially for rural communities and
tourism-related businesses. We are working with community and
interest groups, as well as provincial and federal departments,
to explore opportunities to increase the economic and job
creation benefits from sport fishing."

Fishing licences are valid from their issue date until March 31,
1997 and extended seasons are being developed in some areas to
take advantage of the winter fisheries. Anglers are reminded to
return their licence stub after their final trip of the season.

Mr. Barkhouse reiterated that no one is allowed to introduce or
transfer fish into any inland waters in the province. "Fish from
other streams or lakes can seriously impact local fish
populations by competing for food and can perhaps introduce
disease or genetic changes," he said.


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