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The Construction Industry Panel of the Nova Scotia Labour
Relations Board announced today,(Tuesday, July 2) it has taken
action to end an illegal work stoppage that began at 12 noon,
June 27, 1996, involving a number of employees of Ceramic Tile
World Ltd., Sydney. 

The complaint was filed with the panel today, requesting the
panel issue a cease and desist order against certain employees of
Ceramic Tile World Ltd., who are members of the International
Union of Bricklayers and Allied Craftsmen, Local 2.

An interim order has been issued by the panel, directing all
employees of Ceramic Tile World Ltd., participating in the
illegal work stoppage to cease and desist and to return to work
at their next regularly scheduled shift, and perform their lawful
duties as assigned by the employer.


Contact: Mary-Lou Stewart 902-424-6730

jlw                         July 02, 1996       5:55 p.m.