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A half century of learning and leading is being celebrated Friday
at the Nova Scotia School of Fisheries 50th anniversary open
house in Pictou.

"The Nova Scotia School of Fisheries has a long and valued
tradition as part of our fishing industry," Nova Scotia Fisheries
Minister Jim Barkhouse said. "Now, with new technologies,
innovation and entrepreneurship, the school helps people in
coastal communities diversify their fishing activities and earn a
living from the sea in new ways."

Technology has always played a role in the fishing industry.
Visitors to the school can view how technology has changed and
evolved throughout the school's 50 year history. A
fully-functional bridge, coastal mapping software and
demonstrations of technology used for navigation are some of the
activities open to the public.

"Advances in technology, diversification of the industry as well
as increased global competition mean there is a growing need for
a variety of professional skills in the fishing industry," said
Mr. Barkhouse. "The Nova Scotia School of Fisheries serves this

The open house is part of the school's 50th anniversary
celebrations. Mr. Barkhouse will dedicate a new computer lab;
there will be demonstrations of marine emergency procedures,
aquaculture exhibits and seafood sampling; and participants will
learn how to repair fishnets and navigate the sea using the most
up-to-date equipment.

The school will host the public from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. Designated
vans will shuttle interested viewers from the Pictou waterfront
to the school for tours on the hour and the half hour. People may
also arrive directly at the school to participate in activities.


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