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If your home reflects an eye for design, a flair for repair or
innovation in renovation, the Province of Nova Scotia wants to
salute you. The Departments of Housing and Municipal Affairs and
Natural Resources have announced the 1996 annual Nova Scotia Home
Awards Program.

The awards honor Nova Scotia homeowners, architects,
builders/contractors and designers for their innovative efforts
in home design, construction, historical renovation, or energy
efficiency. This is the 15th anniversary of the awards, which
have become a symbol of excellence in the province's residential
construction industry.

Entries are judged in five award categories: home unit design,
home construction/delivery innovation, home
renovation/rehabilitation, historical restoration and energy
efficiency or alternative energy.

The 1995 program attracted 35 entries from across the province.
Previous winners have included a range of housing projects from
single family to multiple units. Awards include a bronze embossed
plaque which can be mounted on the exterior of the home and a
framed certificate of achievement.

"From the protection and preservation of older homes in the
province, to exciting new innovations in technology, design and
energy efficiency, these awards support and encourage excellence
in the province's housing industry," said Housing and Municipal
Affairs Minister Jim Smith.

A jury selected from the Canadian Home Builders Association, the
Nova Scotia Association of Architects and the sponsoring
departments reviews the entries and selects the winners. Awards,
certificates of achievement, honorable mentions and letters of
merit will be presented to the winners at a special ceremony.

The program is open to all residents of Nova Scotia, including
owners, builders, architects, designers and others involved in
the housing industry. Any housing project completed prior to date
of closing of competition is eligible.

Entry forms may be obtained at the nearest office of the
Department of Housing and Municipal Affairs or by contacting
Janet Baker at 902-424-8090, fax 902-424-0661 or Internet address

All entries must be received by Oct. 31, 1996.


Contact: Janet Baker      902-424-8090

         Michelle Whelan  902-424-6336

trp                        July 08, 1996 - 8:50 a.m.