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Saturday, July 13, has been proclaimed Museums' Day in Nova
Scotia, by Premier John Savage and former Education and Culture
Minister John MacEachern.

"Nova Scotians are blessed with a rich heritage that is
celebrated in museums across the province ... museums are an
integral part of community life in Nova Scotia," and "museums
want to welcome Nova Scotians and our visitors to their programs
and events," they said.

In making this proclamation, the premier and the minister urged
Nova Scotians to "visit and support a museum in the province and
become active participants in preserving and learning about their

Museums, cultural centres and heritage sites in all parts of Nova
Scotia have responded enthusiastically to the proclamation of
Museums' Day. On Saturday, there will be special events marking
the occasion in 51 centres across the province, so that Nova
Scotians and visitors can celebrate Museums' Day wherever they

"The museum and heritage community is very positive about this
opportunity to celebrate their contribution to the life of the
province," said Gary Hartlan, president of the Federation of Nova
Scotian Heritage, "museums in communities across the entire
province have come up with some really exciting programs and
activities to mark the day."

Joe O'Brien, Atlantic regional executive director for Canadian
Heritage, says, "The eight Parks Canada sites in Nova Scotia are
delighted to be a part of Museums Day. Our sites and museums in
general make a major contribution to the life of Nova Scotia that
is certainly worth marking."

Candace Stevenson, executive director of the Nova Scotia Museum,
said "This Saturday is going to be a very exciting day at museums
and heritage sites all across the province. We hope that this
will become an annual event and opportunity for Nova Scotians to
celebrate their heritage wherever they live in Nova Scotia."


NOTE TO EDITORS: A list of events taking place throughout the
province is available by calling 902-424-4492, 902-424-5200
or 1-800-670-4357.

Contact: Joan Waldron  902-424-7398

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