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A project which started as part of a grade nine Maritime Studies
course has resulted in a unique summer job for students at the
historic Uniacke Estate Museum Park.

Beverly Hay, grade nine teacher at Uniacke District School
assigned a project as part of the entrepreneurs unit in the
Maritimes Studies course. Students had to apply the skills they
had learned to create themselves a business.

Four students --- Morgan Hicks, Carrie Donovan, Michael Sponagle
and Mary Middleton --- decided to team up and proposed that they
run a tearoom and retail sales store at the Uniacke Estate.

The museum had called for proposals for a simple refreshment
venue as a result of the increased use of the site since the six
walking trails were opened.

The Uniacke Estate Entrepreneurship Educational Society was
formed by a group of adults in the Mount Uniacke area who serve
as mentors for not only this project, but any other endeavours by
students in the community. The group is chaired by Elizabeth
Hicks. The students submitted a proposal, together with the
society, and their proposal was accepted.

Chris Curtis, manager of the Department of Education and
Culture's Centre for Entrepreneurship, Education and Development,
a joint government - private sector organization created to
nurture entrepreneurship in young people says that "its great
that the museum is supporting young people in their effort to
take control of their own lives."

The brand new Post Road Tea Room and gift shop opens this
Saturday at 11 a.m. in the old kitchen of Uniacke House. Director
of museum services, Bob Frame says the tearoom is a great
addition to the site and that he admires the group of students
for their initiative.

He said that those worried about the historical integrity of
Uniacke House should know that when the house was restored in the
1950's, the restoration techniques were not up to today's
standards and all the walls in the kitchen were replaced with
modern materials. So no 19th century building fabric was altered
when minor alterations were made to accommodate the tearoom.

Mr. Frame said, "We have a new service for our visitors and four
young people who are putting the skills they have learned into


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