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Status of Women Minister Eleanor Norrie today announced that the
government is considering ways to strengthen and reorganize the
two agencies currently charged with addressing women's issues in
Nova Scotia.

"I have been hearing for some time that we need to give women in
this province an even stronger voice. I have been asked to look
at a number of issues facing these two organizations which are
both charged with a similar task, which is the advancement of
women's issues," said Mrs. Norrie.

The Advisory Council on the Status of Women was established in
1976 and advocates for improved legislation, policies and
programs for women. The Women's Directorate was set up in 1988 to
advise government on ways in which its policies and programs
could better serve women.

The minister said further details would be available in the
upcoming weeks. "Both organizations have developed strengths. The
council has good links with women's groups across the province.
The directorate has good links in government. We want to build on
both strengths," said the minister.


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