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The Nova Scotia Gaming Corporation has reported $104.6 million in
net gaming profits for the year ended March 31, 1996 from
Atlantic Lottery Corporation.

On top of that, the Government of Nova Scotia received a $25
million payment for the first year of casino operations in
Halifax and Sydney. Chair of the corporation, Ralph F. Fiske said
"The government showed good judgment in negotiating a four year
income guarantee totalling $100 million."

Mr. Fiske said that "1995/96 was the first year for casino
operations in Nova Scotia," and it wasn't even a full year at
that. We expect 1996/97 to be a much stronger year for casino
gaming. We fully expect Sheraton Casinos Nova Scotia to
eventually meet their original revenue goals."

But, Mr. Fiske also said, "Even with stronger casino revenues, we
still expect the vast majority of gaming revenues for Nova Scotia
to come from the Atlantic Lottery Corporation."

Planning for the permanent casino in Halifax continues with a
completion date of September, 1998.


NOTE TO EDITORS: Backgrounder available by calling 902-424-4492,
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