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The Nova Scotia Outdoor Leadership Development School is holding
a leadership course in Antigonish from Aug. 17 - 24. The school
aims to make participants better outdoor leaders through a
combination of theory and practical experience.

Training includes a trip into the wilderness surrounding
Antigonish where participants takes turns leading the group,
giving them practical experience in outdoor leadership. Outdoor
classroom sessions also help educate participants on personality
types, through Myers-Briggs testing, and helps them understand
what impact personalities can have on group dynamics and outdoor

Participants from a wide variety of backgrounds are welcomed to
participate in this outdoor leadership school. Previous
participants have included parents, Boy Scout and Girl Guide
leaders, educators and members of the military. By learning to
prevent and deal with emergency situations and adapt to different
styles, participants learn to make travelling through the
wilderness both safe and enjoyable.

This course is one of eight available through the Nova Scotia
Outdoor Leadership Development Program (NSOLDP). This leadership
program is co-sponsored by the Nova Scotia Sport and Recreation
Commission and the NSOLDP.

Anyone interested in attending the outdoor leadership school
should contact Frank Gallant, leadership school coordinator, at
902-477-3091. More information about the NSOLDP in general, may
be obtained from Ted Scrutton, coordinator of outdoor recreation
at the Sport and Recreation Commission, 902-424-7620.


Contact: Natalie Dorey  902-424-7658

trp                       July 12, 1996 - 12:00 p.m.