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The Pictou Shipyard will soon be back in business, creating up to
100 new jobs over the next three years.

The Nova Scotia government has entered into a public-private
partnership with Partners Construction of Pictou, Economic
Renewal Minister Richie Mann announced today at a Pictou news

Partners Construction, a general industrial contractor, intends
to operate the facility as a metal fabricator and ship repair

"We're very happy that a local owner/operator has come forward
with plans to reactivate the Pictou Shipyard," said Mr. Mann.
"Sometimes when you look around the world for a buyer, it's nice
to know that your best business partner was here at home all the

Partners Construction will be leasing the shipyard from the Nova
Scotia Economic Renewal Agency, with an option to purchase the
yard at any time. Credit for job creation will be applied to the
purchase price. Partners Construction and the Nova Scotia
Economic Renewal Agency are each investing $500,000 in the yard,
with the province spending an additional $200,000 to bring the
yard to operational standards, after lying dormant for two years.

"We believe in the potential of the Pictou Shipyard and have
confidence in its future, but we couldn't have put this deal
together without the Nova Scotia government," said Moodie
Mansour, president of Partners Construction. Mr. Mansour is
already pursuing regional and international contracts for the

"The Nova Scotia government has confidence in the future of
Pictou County and we are happy to be partnering with private
industry in creating jobs in rural Nova Scotia," Mr. Mann said.


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