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A group of Nova Scotia boatbuilders has teamed up with the
province and the federal government to pursue new export

A consortium of Nova Scotia boatbuilding companies and the
provincial Department of Fisheries recently hosted delegations of
boat operators and fish processors from Morocco and Mauritania.
The visit is a follow-up to a previous mission by boatbuilders
and government officials from Nova Scotia earlier this year. The
federal Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada Department
provided support for both the outgoing and incoming missions.

Morocco and Mauritania are building domestic fleets to replace
large foreign trawlers which are harvesting the fish resources
off the coast of the two northwest African countries.

These countries are interested in purchasing mid-sized,
fibreglass vessels and are attracted by Nova Scotia's proven
track record for producing reliable and efficient boats, said
Fisheries Minister Jim Barkhouse.

Mr. Barkhouse, who met with the visiting delegates, said Nova
Scotia has an excellent opportunity to take advantage of a
growing global market for ocean-going vessels. "We have the
expertise to construct world-class vessels and our boatbuilders
are aggressively pursuing foreign markets for their products."

DDS Export, a consortium composed of Dixon's Shipyard, Woods
Harbour; Samson Enterprises, West Arichat; and Camille d'Eon Boat
Builders, Middle West Pubnico; is also optimistic about the
future of the industry.

"We believe there is tremendous potential for our product and
have formed this consortium to develop the business," said Gary
Dixon with Dixon's Shipyard. "We each bring special skills to the
group and this collaboration gives us confidence that we will

Nova Scotia is a major supplier of boats to Atlantic Canada. The
next step, noted Mr. Barkhouse, is to focus on the multi-million
dollar global market for new, high-tech vessels. "Nova Scotia is
well-positioned to tap into this lucrative trade and in doing so,
we will create new jobs and help boost the economy of our coastal


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