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Acting Premier William Gillis today conveyed the sympathy of Nova
Scotians to the victims of severe flooding in the Saguenay region
of Quebec.

"As a coastal province, with a long seafaring tradition, Nova
Scotians understand all too well the sheer might of natural
forces and the unexpected tragedies they can deliver into
people's lives. On behalf of Premier John Savage, I would like to
say that our hearts go out to the bereaved families and to those
whose homes have been lost and whose lives are disrupted.

"I know that the people of this province will want to know how
they can demonstrate their support and concern," added the acting

Cabinet has asked Wayne Gaudet, Minister responsible for Acadian
Affairs, to visit the flood damaged area on behalf of the
government and people of Nova Scotia.

"We want to convey our good will and get a clear sense of the
situation so that people wanting to help can have accurate
information about the type of support that people need," said Dr.

Mr. Gaudet will be leaving for the flood stricken area over the
weekend. He is expected to report back early next week.


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