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A board of inquiry into the complaint of Angela Goodwin against
Isnor Motors; Halifax, Steven McLean and George Joyce has
dismissed the complaint.

Ms. Goodwin made a complaint under the Human Rights Act in March
1994. She alleged she was faced with discrimination in employment
because of her pregnancy (sex discrimination).

Ms. Goodwin alleged that while employed as an apprentice at Isnor
Motors she was denied a training course because of her pregnancy,
while a male apprentice was offered the course. She also alleged
that her employment was terminated in December, 1993 due to her
pregnancy and the employer's awareness that she had made a
complaint with the Human Rights Commission. She had conveyed her
intention to file a complaint in November, 1993.

The complaint could not be resolved following an investigation.
The matter proceeded to a board of inquiry chaired by Marjorie A.

In her decision of July 19, 1996, Ms. Hickey found that the
evidence did not support the complaint. She found that Ms.
Goodwin was not offered the training course because she would not
be able to put it into practice for part of the summer, which
would be the shop's busiest time, because she would be on
maternity leave. Later, because of financial reasons, no employee
was sent to take the course. 

Ms. Hickey found that Ms. Goodwin's employment was terminated by
Isnor Motors because of the financial circumstances of Isnor
Motors at the time, which necessitated the reduction of the
number of employees, which included Ms. Goodwin and a service
advisor. Ms. Hickey found that the choice to retain another
apprentice was based on better skills and not based on Ms.
Goodwin's pregnancy or her complaint to the Human Rights

Accordingly, Ms. Hickey dismissed the complaint. 


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