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In light of recent health concerns, the Nova Scotia Department of
the Environment has conducted tests for lead levels on imported
PVC mini-blinds, and results of these tests show the
environmental risk from the blinds is low.

Anyone choosing to remove the blinds may safely dispose of them
with normal household waste. As a further protective measure,
blind owners are asked to place them in plastic bags before
disposing. This reduces exposure during handling of the blinds.

The department has been working closely with Environment Canada
and other provinces to determine the most appropriate disposal
option. Disposal of the blinds in municipal landfills is
acceptable and consistent with the approach taken by other
provinces. Municipal landfill operators across the province have
already been notified of the department's conclusions.

Health Canada issued an advisory that plastic mini-blinds made in
China, Taiwan, Indonesia, Hong Kong and Mexico may pose a health
hazard to young children. For more information on health
concerns, contact Health Canada toll free at 1-800-693-3131.


Contact: Brent Baxter  902-424-2534

trp                       July 31, 1996 - 1:30 p.m.