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Paper can be a lot more than the smooth surfaced white sheets
that are written or printed. This is amply demonstrated at the
exhibition "Making Paper" at the Mary E. Black Gallery of the
Nova Scotia Centre for Craft and Design which opened on July 25
and is running until Sept. 7.

The six Nova Scotia papermakers featured in the show make new
work out of old; new materials out of found; and new products out
of used materials. The roots of this approach to making paper
originated with the impoverished pioneers saving bits of glory;
indigenous groups making use of everything they find, or farm
women  making do' through the Great Depression. They have made
clothing, cut it down for someone smaller, cut it into strips for
braided rugs and pieced quilts, sliced it fine for hooked mats
and shredded it for paper.

The Nova Scotia artists/craftswomen in Making Paper create the
paper with which they make their art, the process is important
and an essential part of the work; the resultant textural
qualities the immediate reward.

All of the artists in this exhibition are amused and fascinated
by the secret life of paper - what it was before it was paper and
the never told stories embedded in the work they make. Paper is
small pulp-paper books, large murals of cotton rag, sheets
hanging in the window, layered sheets behind glass, ragged tree
impressions; paper is mirror frames, Victorian writing sets,
baskets, and bowls. Paper is even paper.

The paper artists featured in this exhibition are K. Reith Blake,
Nancy Delaney, Hannah Dunleavy, Shirley Hallee, Krista Moreash,
and Kay Stanfield. The exhibition is curated by Marie Koehler.

The Nova Scotia Centre for Craft and Design, is at 1683
Barrington Street, Halifax. Hours are Monday to Friday from 8:30
a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturdays. There is no
admission charge.


Contact: Nova Scotia Centre for Craft and Design  902-424-4062

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