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Dean Cole, dairy specialist with the Nova Scotia Department of
Agriculture and Marketing in Truro, is the 1996 C. A. Douglas
Extension Award winner.

The award was presented by Stephen and John Douglas, sons of the
late C. A. Douglas, during the Nova Scotia Agricultural College's
Open House/Alumni Weekend.

The award, established in 1984, is in memory of Charles A.
Douglas, who was an outstanding extension worker throughout his
long career with the Nova Scotia Department of Agriculture and

Mr. Cole, from Elderbank, Halifax County, received his B.Sc (Agr)
from the Ontario Agricultural College in 1975. Since then he has
worked in the field as a Dairy Specialist with the animal
industry branch of the Nova Scotia Department of Agriculture and
Marketing in both Kentville and Truro.

Some of Mr. Cole's accomplishments include starting the first
milking equipment analysis service in the Maritime Provinces, as
well as working closely with dairy farmers all across Nova Scotia
in the areas of nutrition, ration balancing and production.

He was a member of the team that travelled to the Czech and
Slovak Republics to provide expertise on dairy extension programs
and is currently involved in collecting and analysing data for a
pasture management project in Nova Scotia.

Mr. Cole plans to use the award to help finance a trip to the
United Kingdom later this year to study forage systems for high
genetic merit/high production dairy cattle.

The C. A. Douglas Award is presented annually to a person
involved in agricultural extension work. Applicants are
considered on a single achievement or lifetime dedication to
agricultural extension. The award is to be used for a self
improvement project or special program to further the development
of agricultural extension in Nova Scotia.


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