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The striking blue Award of Quality sign outside the new Visitor
Information Centre in St. Peters, Richmond County, means
top-level service and friendly advice inside.

The award means a more enjoyable vacation for visitors and
increased business for Nova Scotia's communities in the long-run,
said Economic Renewal Minister Richie Mann at today's official
opening of the new centre.

"Any tourists who enjoy their holiday go home and tell their
friends. That kind of word-of-mouth advertising speeds us closer
to having a billion dollar tourism industry by the turn of the
century," said Mr. Mann. "The Award of Quality program is our way
of helping to increase visitor satisfaction."

Visitor Information Centres receive their awards from Tourism
Nova Scotia, a division of the Nova Scotia Economic Renewal
Agency. The program will be in full swing this summer and centres
will be inspected annually. Assessments include signage,
accessibility, quality of service, quality of building/grounds,
safety, staff appearance and training, as well as other strict

Visitors aren't the only ones to benefit from the Award of
Quality program. Award-winning centres benefit in a variety of
ways. They have access to annual provincial counsellor training
programs, receive free distribution of available provincial and
private sector literature, comment cards, the Nova Scotia
Information Book (a comprehensive resource tool), operational
guides and forms.

Qualified centres also get a complimentary listing as an Award of
Quality Centre in the Nova Scotia Doers and Dreamers Complete
Guide. As well, they will have input into the Award of Quality
program, via their regional tourist association.

Nova Scotia has approximately 80 visitor information centres.
Fourteen of them, sponsored by the Nova Scotia government, are
located at entry points and on ferries, and focus on the whole
province. The remainder are sponsored by local organizations,
such as boards of trade and chambers of commerce, and focus on
the community.

With community pride at stake, the centres have worked hard to
meet the standards required for the award. Mr. Mann commended the
community of St. Peters for recognizing the importance of tourism
to the region and for the determination it has shown in building
the new information centre. "This is a project completed by the
community, for the community, and everyone involved should be

Michele McKenzie, executive director of Tourism Nova Scotia, said
that the Award of Quality program was an additional incentive for
centre improvement. "The program really has communities involved
and realizing the importance of their centre," she said.
"Sponsors are more involved and feel a sense of ownership and
responsibility toward their visitor information centre."


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