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Premier John Savage said today he has received assurances from
the federal government that a decision to move a five-member
peacekeeping unit from Ottawa to Kingston, Ont., does not pose a
threat to the Pearson Peacekeeping Training Centre at Cornwallis.

There had been speculation that the relocation of staff to
Kingston meant the federal government no longer needed or
supported the Cornwallis facility.

The Nova Scotia government requested Ottawa to provide assurances
that Cornwallis' role as an international peacekeeping centre
would be maintained. Those assurances have been given in a letter
to the premier from National Defence Minister David Collenette.

"Mr. Collenette was very anxious to set the record straight. His
letter makes it very clear that transferring staff from Ottawa to
Kingston in no way threatens the future of the Pearson
Peacekeeping Centre at Cornwallis," the premier said.

The federal minister's letter states: "This is not a new
organization. It is indeed unfortunate that some have suggested
that simply by moving an already existing capability from Ottawa
to Kingston in some way threatens or diminishes our government's
commitment to the Lester B. Pearson Peacekeeping Training Centre
at Cornwallis..."

Mr. Collenette said his department will "continue to work with
the Lester B. Pearson Canadian International Peacekeeping
Training Centre."

Premier Savage said it appears that some political opponents have
attempted to raises doubts about the future of the Cornwallis
facility through "fear and innuendo."

The premier said Mr. Collenette has assured him that the
relocation of staff from Ottawa to Kingston "in no way duplicates
or conflicts" with the activities of the Nova Scotia training

In the past year more than 500 military and non-military
personnel from 55 countries attended the Pearson centre. The
facility employs 80 persons during training sessions.


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